Our cuisine

In our restaurant Fonda Caracoles we have been working for over a century to satisfy and surprise our customers with a cuisine based on products from our land treated with all our love.
There are many seasonal products that you can try in our house: traditionally cooked game products - pigeons, roe deer, wild boar ...-, the world of mycology present in our menu throughout the year offering mushrooms or fungi of each season - mushrooms of thistle, boletus, and carrerillas. ...-.
As part of such a gastronomically rich area we can’t forget the delicious suckling lamb of which Lerma is famous for, roasted in a wood-fired oven, the grilled chops, the red meats, the Lerma blood sausages ... to end such a wonderful feast with homemade desserts made in our own kitchen.

In Fonda Caracoles we have 2 special menus

Menu Barroco
€ 32

Menu Barroco

Morcilla de Burgos (blood sausage)
Chorizo de Lerma grilled
Mushroom platter with truffles
Suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven (Ration)
Homemade dessert, bread
€ 27

Menu Caracoles

Grilled Morcilla de Burgos (blood sausage)
Grilled chorizo
Suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven (ration)
Homemade dessert
Menu Caracoles

  • Specialties

    Roast suckling lamb in a wood-fired oven
    Grilled lamb chops
    Snails of the Earth (escargot)
    Seasonal Game Meats
    Homemade pickled
    Grilled crayfish
    Salad with wild watercress
    Roast suckling pig
    Suckling piglet chops
    Beef oxtail stewed in red wine with boletus mushroom
  • Starters

    Snails of th earth (escargot)
    Red beans from Ibeas
    Wild asparagus grilled
    Morcilla de Burgos grilled
    Chorizo de Lerma in wine
    Sheep cheese
    Iberian ham
    Castilian soup
    Grilled vegetables
    Grilled gizzards
    Grilled kidneys
    Pickled partridge
    Crawfish stew
    Crawfish grilled
    Grilled shrimp from Huelva
    Fried eggs with morcilla and truffles
    Peppers stuffed with boletus and truffles
    Peppers stuffed with morcilla and piquillo sauce
    Marinated artichokes with crunchy jam
    During winter potage dishes are served daily
  • Salads

    Salad of peppers, sprouts and tuna belly
    Romantic salad (goat cheese and fruits)
    Mixed salad
    Salad from the garden
    Homemade pickled salad
  • Mycology

    Boletus edulis grilled
    Thistle mushrooms in garlic sauce or scrambled
    Amanita cesarea with onions (ceasar’s mushroom) *
    Morels stuffed with foie *
    Creamy boletus
    Egg toast and black truffle

    * availability according to season
    * all dishes are served with grated truffle
  • Meats

    Roast suckling lamb in wood-fired oven (1 quarter)
    Roast suckling lamb in wood-fired oven (ration)
    Suckling pig roasted wood oven (1 quarter)
    Suckling lamb chops grilled
    T-bone steak, 60 days ripening price per kg
    T-bone steak wagyu price per kg
    Grilled beef tenderloin
    Free range chicken
    Oxtail with potatoes
    Braised pigeon chicks (seasonal)
    Roe deer with potatoes
    Wild boar with potatoes
    Grilled Iberian game meats
  • Fish

    Sea bass back
    Turbot back
    Cod loin gratinated in alioli sauce

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  • C/ D. Luis Cervera Vera, 10 - LERMA (Burgos)
  • Tel. +34 947 170 563
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  • Open every day
  • Meals from 13:30 to 16:00
  • Dinners Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Dinners from 20:45 to 23:00
  • Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday reservation only
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